martes, 23 de febrero de 2010

Here we will see a couple of histories, of persons who have been in presence of ghosts.

  • Teresa Fidalgo:

It is the story of a young woman died many years ago in one of the main streets of Ecuador, tells the story that she was with her family by the way and had a hard crash in which all died, but the soul of this young yet this wandering through these streets, you have testimonials from people who have seen it but they ignore it completely, have a night were young men in his car and see a woman standing in the middle way, these stop right in front and she is mounted, Shooting is a little strange but their face do not take both into account, then you can see when a woman points to the case where the head would drop and when to place these women collide and disappear, only stands as testimony to the recording that the unfortunate young people did.

  • The Phantom of the hospital from the south:

They have workers who are on call at night that the halls of the hospital heard footsteps and voices; they have taken the task of making recordings to see if it's true or just a joke of other workers.
One night they agree to prepare all in search of evidence; actually hear the same bedtime every night and go out to see what has happened, seeing the record is clear the figure of a ghost in a white coat, presumably say which can be a doctor who worked there and died many years ago but may not have wanted to leave the place where he worked.

These stories are not always real, but what if it is real is that there are some wandering souls everywhere and these are examples of that if these stories can be true and which all stories to fear them.